Fuzzy, Fuzzy Abstract

What is the global record for the number of times that the word ‘fuzzy’ has appeared in the summary (a.k.a. the abstract) of an academic paper? Here is a contender.
A proposal of fuzzy thesaurus generated by fuzzy covering‘ – from  Masao Mukaidono Deputy Director, MIMS; Professor, School of Science and Technology, Digital Content Studies and the Connective Humanities at Meiji University, and Professor Ir. Rolly Intan M.A.Sc., Dr.Eng., Rector of Pimpinan Universitas. (Their paper was published in NAFIPS 2003. The 22nd International Conference of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society)

Abstract :

“This paper discusses preciseness of data in terms of obtaining degree of similarity in which a fuzzy set can be used as an alternative to represent imprecise data. Degree of similarity between two imprecise data represented in two fuzzy sets is approximately determined by using a fuzzy conditional probability relation. More-over, the degree of similarity relationship between fuzzy sets corresponding to fuzzy classes as results of a fuzzy partition on a given finite set of data is examined. Related to a well known fuzzy partition, called fuzzy pseudopartition or fuzzy c-partition where c designates the number of fuzzy classes in the partition, we introduced fuzzy symmetric c-partition regarded as a special case of the fuzzy c-partition. In addition, we also introduced fuzzy covering as a generalization of fuzzy partition. Similarly, two fuzzy coverings, namely fuzzy c-covering and fuzzy symmetric c-covering are proposed corresponding to the fuzzy c-partition and the fuzzy symmetric c-partition, respectively. In this paper, special attention will be given to apply the concept of fuzzy c-covering in generating a fuzzy thesaurus.”

The abstract features twenty two fuzzys. Is this a record? Improbable Research welcomes reader’s suggestions for further contenders.