Organizational Psychology with horses

Human/Horse interaction –

“… has now reached organizations in the form of coaching, training or corporate away-days through what is loosely termed ‘the way of the horse’.”

explains Dr. Andreas Liefooghe, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Organizational Psychology, Birkbeck College, University of London, who has an academic interest in horses. Focussing especially on the way in which human interactions with horses can relate to Organisational Theory.

For a practical example of the way in which ‘The Way of the Horse’ might be applied to organizational and corporate leadership issues see the specialist website :

“The path to Personal Leadership requires one to move from simply functioning in the world do [sic] becoming connected to all aspects of life and self. The horses will move you through the steps of revealing your true self. Let the horse teach you to become more emotionally, physically and mentally aware.”

For those who are still wondering about the applicability of horse knowledge to ‘Attracting Perfect Clients’ also see –
The Way of the Horse Pro. which looks (via the horse) at:

• Unconscious incompetence (what you don’t know, or your blind side.)
• Conscious Incompetence (you know what you don’t know)
• Conscious competence (what you know you know),
• Unconscious competence (what you don’t know you know), and Reflective Competence (Unique Brilliance).

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