Maperton Trust Headlice Repelling Unit

The Maperton Trust reports on its efforts to repel head lice using  the novel device pictured here:

The Head Lice Repelling Unit (HELRU) is a small device using the latest technology to repel head lice from infesting children and adults. It is in the form of a badge of the Unicorn and is pinned to the clothing of the individual…

One class of 28 children from a primary school of approximately 150 children were given HELRU to wear. In addition 9 more of school teachers asked and were given HELRU’s. From the records produced by the school it appears that the head lice were almost totally successfully repelled during the trial.

(Thanks to Ben Goldacre for bringing this to our attention.)

BONUS: A report from a teacher.

SUPER BONUS: The Maperton Trust explains how the device works.