Art: Boadwee rectal squirt method

Over the past few centuries, artists have successfully developed a host of imaginative and unusual methods for applying paint to canvas. But few are more colourful than the rectal squirt method developed by Keith Boadwee, Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at the California College of the Arts, and visiting faculty member at the San Francisco Art Institute.
The professor part-fills his rectum with (non toxic) water-based paint using a rubber hot water bottle with an attached plastic tube. Then, by carefully positioning himself near a large blank canvas placed horizontally on the art-studio floor, he is able, at the appropriate moment, to eject and direct a constrained jet of paint. Thereby rapidly creating one-of-a-kind artworks with an appositely chaotic and spontaneous feel.
The new technique was fruitfully employed in his 1995 series of works entitled ‘Purple Squirt’. Click here to see the non-redacted photo of the artist at work. [ Caution : Adult content – Not Safe For Work ] (The image is kindly provided in Katja Brvar’s doctorial thesis – ‘Ekstremno telo v umetniški akciji body art performansa in pomen njegovega gledalca’ for the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009 – page 18)
Also see : Professor Boadwee’s own website, with more photos of ‘Purple Squirt’ and other works. [ Caution : Adult content – Even Less Safe For Work ]