The original planetary medical stars

Behold an all-star team of physicians with planetary family names (thanks to investigator Adrianne Appel for suggesting the idea), announced in the May 2010 issue of mini-AIR:

Joseph Venus, MD, Concord, New Hampshire, USA

P.G. Earth, MD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Audrey Mars, MD, Flemington, New Jersey

Jesse B. Jupiter, MD, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Selman Uranus, MD, Gratz, Austria

Wilfred B. Neptune, MD [recently deceased], Newton, Massachusetts, USA

Luke A. Pluto, MD [subject to revision of Pluto’s status], Clarkston, Washington, USA

1. The team is missing a Dr. Mercury and a Dr. Saturn.2. Dr. Pluto is officially a team member — but the league has placed unstated restrictions on him “pending clarification of his status”.