The Improbable Scraper Experiment

We are doing an experiment.

Scraper websites generate their content by semi-automatically cloning items from other sites and presenting it as their own. Normally a fairly straightforward copying process, it sometimes generates perplexing artefacts. As an example, see the Solar System Blog [NOTE: it loads slowly and painfully] — a site registered in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, which is currently scraping The site informs us of some curiosities — such as “The distension canvass husky canister…” and “…all-penetrating cantilever of bundles of superposed guest phonons.” Pointing out too that : “Batten doubt’s has been handy to imagination downbeat a baboon” and “…recognizing figurine names is cardinal for arthritic browsing.” None of which, we are fairly certain, was in the original Improbable text.

In an attempt to fathom the underlying cyber-processes, we present this post itself as a test-bed. Will it become scraped and garbled by the Solar System Blog?  Could it cause an infinitely-looping technological-short-circuit somewhere between Cambridge and Cocos?

Watch this husky canister space.