Mel Located at Lower Left, Reportedly

Investigator Lheal Chormnast writes [AIR 15:5]:

You are going to hate me, and maybe you already do. But I have happy news! I apologize for taking up your time and so very many pages of your letters column. Thank you for publishing my now-sadly-lengthy series of letters (most recently in AIR Vents 15:4) in reproducing increasingly marked-up versions of our photo-graphic treasure. My assistant Gruber’s replacement, Steiner, who has a remarkable track record (that’s why I hired him) has demonstrated to my satisfaction that Mel really in this photograph. Of course I, though my heavy-handed corrections,” have obliterated much of the photo. But Mel is in the clear! He is clearly visible at the lower left. I have circled his image. Again thank you for your patience as I have sorted out this unfortunate mixup.