Tattoo disruption avoidance

If the owner of a tattoo needs surgery, what are the options for avoiding its disruption? A recent research paper from James Cook University Hospital, Wansbeck General Hospital and North Tees Hospital in the UK explains how strategic siting of laparoscopic surgery incisions may be employed to avoid disrupting tattoos – which (at least in the 96 patients who were surveyed) have an average cost in the region of £35 (≈ $70). Most of the general surgeons who were questioned in the review had encountered tattoos at proposed incision sites – and 61% had taken steps to avoid disrupting them. Though, unfortunately, 4% had received a complaint regarding tattoo disruption.
The research team point out that -“Tattoo disruption by surgical incision may cause distress especially in female patients who had their tattoo recently.” And therefore recommend – “Tattoos should be avoided where possible by alternative port site placement.”
Their paper is published in the journal Surgical Endoscopy (Volume 23, Number 2 / February, 2009)