Trolling the Beat to Working the Soob

Ings looks at the beat-trolling in the Soob, and ever-so-much more:

Trolling the Beat to Working the Soob: Changes in the Language of the Male Sex Worker in New Zealand” Welby Ings, International Journal of Lexicography, 2010, DOI 10.1093/ijl/ecp038. (Thanks to Cyrus Shaoul for bringing this to our attention.) The author, at the School of Art and Design, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand, reports:

“This paper discusses words from the argot of the New Zealand male prostitute in relation to environments in which he works. The language form has absorbed into itself elements of prison slang, pig Latin, Polari, gay slang, Maori and localised dialect. The article is divided into six sections, each concerned with a different form of male prostitution. While the public toilets, wharves, prisons, streets, agencies and private brothels are not mutually exclusive environments, a consideration of their nature is helpful in understanding words and the contexts in which they operate.”