NEWS: Eating more makes you fat

Breaking news from the University of Ulster. Their press release dated January 21, 2010 says:

New Study Proves Larger Portions Expand Waistlines

Eating large food portions can significantly increase our weight even during short periods – researchers at the University of Ulster have discovered in the first ever study of its kind. A team of nutritionist researchers, led by Professor Barbara Livingstone and Dr Mary Kelly from Ulster’s Biomedical Sciences Research Institute, has carried out the first study […], of how eating different portion sizes impacts on energy intake and body weight. And the results were dramatic – in just four days men eating three large meals a day piled on an extra kilo, while women weighed an extra half a kilo on the scales. “

The press release refers to a ‘recently’ published study in (the August 2009 issue of) British Journal of Nutrition, of which the results were indeed just as dramatic.

(Thanks to Professor Robert M. Bowman of Queen’s University of Belfast for bringing this to our attention)