The Big Bank Opera (video), redux

As fans of the Ig Nobel Ceremony, opera, and large-scale economic failure may remember, “The Big Bank Opera” premiered as a featured part of the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. A few weeks ago, we posted all four acts to YouTube, each as a separate episode (#124-7) of the Improbable Research TV series.

The libretto of the Opera is also published in the latest issue of the Annals of Improbable Research.

Furthermore, Acts One (“Two Bankers Meet in a Bar…”), Two (“How to Solve The World’s Biggest Problem”), Three (“Big Bank Theory”), and Four (“To Boldly Go”) have now been made available on Vimeo, for redundancy and higher-quality video enjoyment.

The grand finale from Act 4 is embedded after the break.

Improbable Research Collection #127: The Big Bank Opera, Act 4 (of 4) from Annals of Improbable Research on Vimeo.