An expanding universe of argument

Astronomer (and AIR editorial board member) Robert Kirshner wrote a reply  to Robert P. Crease’s January 5, 2010 Physics World essay “Priority Battles” [to read “Priority Battles”, go to the Physics World site and register — their registration is free]:

CREASE’s opening words: “As a philosopher of science, I love priority disputes. They invite one to ask “How can it be that brilliant scientists agree that they’ve discovered something, but not when? …”

KIRSHNER (writing in Physics World‘s comments section): “Most scientists have a great respect for refereed publications and some distain for press releases that are not coupled to a publication. {I’m not going to bring up cold fusion!} I’m not making up new rules for marking a discovery, as Crease slyly implies, just because we submitted our results showing cosmic acceleration 6 months earlier than the other guys.”