Dental Lobby Identity Query

I have a new dentist who either delights me or disturbs me—I am trying to decide which, and I hope you can help me make that decision. In her waiting room, she has an enormous display, on three walls, with many kinds of toothbrushes. The display also includes a row of some things that I am sure are not toothbrushes.
I took this photo, surreptitiously, on my mobile phone. What the hell kind of skulls are these? I did not dare ask the dentist or her receptionist, and the other patients waiting in the room were so weird themselves that I could not even bring myself to look them in the eyes or eye (one gentleman had what I hope is a very active—may I say roving”?—glass eye in place of what I assume was riginally not a glass eye), let alone talk to them.

Virginia Jacquard, Ph.D.

(That’s an excerpt from the article “Air Vents,” Published in AIR 15:3.)