Creepiest researchers?

DavidLewis_250wHere’s another nominee in the perpetual “Who Are the Creepiest Researchers?” competition. Today’s nominee:  The researchers at an organization called “The Mind Lab”. Their logo, displayed prominently on their web site (and reproduced here, below), is:

At The Mind Lab.Org ™ we specialize in measuring and analyzing human responses, no matter how fleeting, under real life conditions—no matter how extreme.

Their co-founder, Dr. David Lewis (pictured here) calls himself  “the father of neuromarketing”.  A September 8, 2009 report in the Telegraph describes some of the organization’s less-creepy work, under the headline “half of Britons injured by their biscuits on coffee break, survey reveals“.
(Thanks to investigator Scott Langill for bringing this to our attention.)