Lemonade Trials

I must disagree with Julia Robins (AIR Vents 15:1) about Dr. Deborah Anderson and the other doctors who did the Coca-Cola experiments that won the Ig Nobel prize. Robins said that Dr. Anderson said that “one of many reasons people should not use Coca-Cola as a contraceptive is that that ‘misplaced bottle caps can cause serious medical problems.’” It is for just that reason that my friends and I began using orange juice. I do not yet know whether orange juice is more effective than Coca-Cola. I certainly hope so. We are keeping careful statistics, and I must say also enjoying ourselves. We intend to publish our results, once we have them, provided that the orange juice is effective and so our time does not become constrained by the need to oversee lots of unplanned small children.

Britta Jørgensen
Odense, Denmark

(That’s an excerpt from the article “Air Vents,” Published in AIR 15:3.)