Great Aunt Grace, Exhumed

This drawing of my Great Aunt Grace Walton was made on the occasion of her being awarded the Stokes-Hitton Medal at Leeds many years ago. I was not present, as I was several decades from being conceived, but the event is still talked of in the family. Great Aunt Grace went through her professional life as a man. She was noted and admired as both an inventor and a steam enthusiast. She chaired numerous committees in scientific and industrial societies, and had red hair. We, the family, buried her as a man, and would now like to reverse that error (the gender identification, not the burial per se) in all public records, and to that end would like to hear from anyone who possesses documentation that she was a woman — a fact that was unknown to all of her professional peers during her lifetime — and that she had red hair — a fact that, though well known, was apparently seldom reduced to paper.

Tolbert Walton McKee, Ph.D.
Tooting, UK

(That’s an except from the article “Air Vents,” Published in AIR 13:4.)