Authors as words: And So

Investigator Steve Barryte suggests a new category for us to collect: authors whose familily names are also simple English words.

We intend to present them in harmonious pairs.

To begin the collection, Barryte suggests these two:

Metyn And [pictured at right], author of numerous scholarly books including Istanbul in the 16th Century : The City, the Palace, Daily Life , Tiyatro, Bale, Ve Opera Sahnelerinde Kanuni Suleyman Imgesi and And’s Turk Tiyatro Tarihi.

Franky So [pictured below], Associate Professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Florida, whose research interests include electronic properties of organic semiconductor thin films, growth and structural properties of organic semiconductor thin films, carrier transport and injection properties of organic semiconductors, device physics, organic based light emitting devices, thin film transistors and sensor arrays.