Xxxxxx new math book

Investigator E.A. Pfefferle writes:

My favorite math books are (with six or five exceptions) self-published. Here is the newest.

Xxxxxx Concrete Contemporary Abstract Algebra Introduction By First Course Radical Solution Dummies: Dummit, Foote, Hungerford, Shifrin, Gallian, Fraleigh, Beachy, Herstein, Saracino, Artin, Deskins, ISBN 1441451579, 100 pages, published 2009.

I xxxxxx’d out the first word of the title, in case you have readers who get the vapors when they see stimulating words. Follow the link to the description of the book and you can see the full title. The author is the pseudonymous Nicolas Bourbaki Junior.

I should say that I have not yet read this book, but I have ordered a copy and am almost eagerly awaiting its arrival. (If upon reading the book I do not enjoy it, I will remove it from my list of favorites.)

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