Taste of cyanide

Investigator William J. Maloney writes:

“I inadvertantly bit an apple seed and it tasted like almond which got me curious and led me to this July 8, 2006 article in the Sydney Morning Herald:”

Pramod said it appears as if the man checked into a hotel, mixed the cyanide with some alcohol and stirred it with the back of the same pen
he was using to write the note.

Until now cyanide has only been described by as a white powder with an bitter almond-like odour.

But now we may be able to say how it tastes, PB Gujral, the doctor who carried out the autopsy, told the newspaper.

“His suicide note is a document. There is no written proof about the taste of cyanide,” he said.

Gujral’s claim that this is the first time the taste has been recorded could not be independently confirmed….