Bureaucracy Club: Wedding Not

The Bureaucracy Club recommends consideration of a report in the January 5, 2007 issue of Oberoesterreichischen Nachrichten. As per club procedure, the report has been translated [using Google’s automatic translator] from the original German into proper bureaucratic English:

Recent bride said in the joke “no”
Wedding was therefore broken off

STEYR [AUSTRIA]. With the abort to the wedding and a tear sea ended a harmlessly meant joke on the register office Steyr. Recently gab’s then nevertheless still another Happy ending.

A large wedding company had met before the register office in the lock Lamberg, in order to accompany the young Steyrer luck into the port of the marriage. ?The tendency was omitted and merry?, describes a wedding guest. The recent, pretty bride wanted to probably contribute the their to the good atmosphere and answered to the question of the condition woman official, whether she wanted to marry their man, in the joke with ?no?.

These defame went however thoroughly into the trousers. Because according to the valid regulations the condition woman official the wedding had thereupon to break off. That do not defame could any longer be cancelled, the pair even with a kind wedding barrier one occupied.

?This strict regulation is necessary, so that, if someone does not want to marry really, the family can exert no pressure on the marriage candidates?, says a lawyer. With a wedding before the registrar of births, marriages and deaths come it to a contract to the ABGB (Paragraf 44).

In the described case did not come off the present Treaty, there helped for the time being also the thick tears of the bride nothing, who repented its joke meanwhile bitterly?.

The January 6, 2007 Telegraph contains an English language report about the report.