Eponymy Authority Figure: English

Investigator Earle Spamer suggests that we collect and honor authority figures whose names name whatever it is they are authorities of, on, or in. These are top dogs — department heads, presidents, etc. — not mere eponym icons such as Dr. Doctor or icon cult figures such as Dr. Brilliant.

This is a very special sub-case of nominative determinism. Each of these high-ranking persons is a superior sort of eponym. He or she has the right to be called an Eponymy Authority Figure.

DrJamesEnglish.jpgOur first Eponymy Authority Figure is:

Dr. English
Chair, English Department
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

(SOMEWHAT UNRELATED NOTE: Also see Stigler’s Law of Eponymy)

(Thanks to investigator June Oshiro for bringing the examples of Drs. Doctor and Brilliant to our attention.)