A better baby language?

dunstan.jpgA newly discovered baby language is helping infants sleep through the night and mothers bond with their babies. After eight years of research, Australian mother Priscilla Dunstan says she has discovered a universal baby language, comprised of five distinct sounds.

Dunstan says babies produce the different sounds depending on their needs. ‘Neh’ means the child is hungry, while ‘owh’ indicates he or she is tired. Other sounds include ‘eh’, ‘eairh’ and ‘heh’, which mean the infant needs burping, has wind or is uncomfortable.

So says a December 1, 2006 New Zealand Herald report.

The news is bolstered by a November 30 press release, and by several Priscilla Dunstan web sites: 1; 2; 3. The baby language is backed, say the Dunstan web sites, by eight years of research done by unnamed persons at Brown University. The fruits of this are offered to the public in the form of exciting products.