Blast-less Off in Bunnlevel

What’s new in Bunnlevel? Something not easily described. As the local newspaper put it: “Sounds ludicrous, but Mr. McLean is dead serious.” A report in the January 8, 2004 issue of the (Dunn, North Carolina) Daily Record includes the following:

If Bunnlevel ever becomes a hub for space travel, Tommy McLean will be responsible.

Based in the back room of his home on U.S. 401 south of Lillington, he claims to have developed an engine capable of space travel through the bending of gravity. A native of Harnett County, Mr. McLean is a 40-year-old former paratrooper and qualified private investigator who now spends most of his time ?finishing the work of Einstein,? as he puts it. …

Mr. McLean has published a book, ?Godstar Science ? Unified Field Physics,? and has been working to apply the principles espoused within ? namely, space flight through an engine that creates a gravitational field of its own that repels the gravity of the earth.

Mr. McLean claims his engine already propelled his unmanned A-2 test drone 2,300 feet into the air during a test flight three years ago. His ideas may sound crazy, but Mr. McLean said those who don?t believe in his work are simply closed-minded. ?They?re still stuck in the same old science of the past and don?t like to accept new ideas and things,? he said. Mr. McLean wouldn?t be specific about the components of his engine, beyond admitting that it contains ?chemicals.? …

Read the whole report here,

Mr. McLean intends to win the X-Prize. Read about the prize here.

(Thanks to investigator Sid Bergman for bringing this to our attention.)