“Gross Appearance of Turkey Cloacae” [research study]

Turkeys are not much celebrated for their beauty. This study exemplifies that non-celebration: “Gross Appearance of Turkey Cloacae Before and After Single or Multiple Manual Semen Collections,” M.R. Bakst and H.C. Cecil, Poultry Science, vol. 62, no. 4, April 1, 1983, pp. 683-9. The authors explain: “The gross appearance of the turkey cloaca was examined […]

Surgical Insight: How to truss a stuffed turkey

Veterinary surgeons offer their insight to anyone who plans to cook a Christmas (or Thanksgiving or other) turkey. Details are in this new study: “Investigation of the best suture pattern to close a stuffed Christmas turkey,” D. Verwilghen, V. Busoni, G. van Galen, M. Wilke, vol. 169, no. 26, Veterinary Record, 2011 pp.  685-6.  The authors, […]