Recent progress in robotic topiary

The ever expanding list of professional activities that are in imminent danger of replacement by AI and/or robots has a new addition – Topiarists. A topiary-bot is currently under test at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, as part of the the university’s TrimBot2020 project. Which is seeking to “advance the robotics and computer vision technology needed […]

Effect of Passing Lawn Mowers over Skeletal Remains [study]

Of the forensic studies of the effect of passing lawn mowers over skeletal remains, this is the most recent: “Lemonade from Lemons: The Taphonomic Effect of Lawn Mowers on Skeletal Remains,” D.C. Martin, Gretchen R. Dabbs [pictured here], Lindsey G. Roberts, Journal of Forensic Sciences, epub July 3, 2013. (Thanks to investigator Rolf Zwaan for […]