Patients prefer robots (to tablets)

If you were obliged to receive healthcare instructions from a machine rather than a human, which would you prefer, a robot or a tablet? ‘People respond better to robots than computer tablets delivering healthcare instructions’ say a team from the Department of Psychological Medicine, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at The University […]

New-fangled Orodispersible Tablets

News about new-fangled orodispersible tablets: “Orodispersible Tablets: New-fangled Drug Delivery System – A Review,” S. A. Sreenivas, P. M. Dandagi, A. P. Gadad, A. M. Godbole, S. P. Hiremath, V.S.Mastiholimath and S. T. Bhagawati, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, 39(4) Oct – Dec. 2005, pp. 177 f. The authors, at K. L. E. S’s […]