Another twist on swearing in two languages

There’s a new twist (the old twist was pretty twisty, it was) in understanding the power of a multilingual person who swears in one language versus another: “Second Language as an Exemptor from Sociocultural Norms. Emotion-Related Language Choice Revisited,” Marta Gawinkowska [pictured here], Michał B. Paradowski, Michał Bilewicz, PLoS ONE, 8(12), 2013, e81225. (Thanks to […]

Counting curses (on Twitter, in English)

Words can be tallied. Words were. This study gives details: “Cursing in English on Twitter,” Wenbo Wang, Lu Chen, Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan [pictured here], and Amit P. Sheth, paper presented at CSCW’14 , February 15-19 2014, Baltimore, MD, USA. The authors, at Wright State University, explain: “In this paper, we examine the characteristics of cursing activity […]

“Swearing – the Language of Life and Death”

Richard Stephens has published a life and death account of  research about swearing: “Swearing – the Language of Life and Death,” Richard Stephens, The Psychologist, vol. 26,  pt. 9, September 2013, pp. 650-653. In 2010, Professor Stephens and two of his students were awarded the Ig Nobel Peace Prize. The citation reads: Richard Stephens, John Atkins, […]

Ig folk: Language explorers on “Planet Word”

The BBC television program “Planet Word“, hosted by Stephen Fry, has featured interviews and demonstrations with at least two prominent Ig Nobel people. Richard Stephens, 2010 Ig Nobel Prize peace prize winner for confirming the widely held belief that swearing relieves pain, demonstrates his work, assisted by Stephen Fry and actor Brian Blessed, on episode 3. […]

The Effect of Swear Words on Referees

Do swear words have predictable effects on football referees? A team of Austrian scientists tackles that question in a study called May I Curse a Referee? Swear Words and Consequences. Stefan Stieger, of the University of Austria, together with Andrea Praschinger and Christine Pomikal, who describe themselves as “independent scientists”, published their report in the Journal of Sports […]

Swearing – a psychological tool

“Offensive language (spoken by medical staff and by patients and their families) is often heard in the general hospital.” But, despite its apparent prevalence, its manifestations and clinical implications have have largely escaped formal examination – until now. Dr. Daniel J. Zimmerman and Professor Theodore A. Stern have between them co-authored what is believed to […]