The further self-rejuvenation of Dr. Takasu, surgeon

Dr. Katsuya Takasu M.D., Ph.D is an aesthetic surgeon at the Takasu Clinic, Nagoya, Japan. He has embarked on a personal journey to demonstrate commitment to aesthetic surgery ideals – by having ‘rejuvenative’ facial plastic surgery himself. To document the project, Dr. Takasu, who is now 69, (see right hand top picture) has created three […]

Adams apples : examinations (part 2)

Some, like AdamsAppleBoy shown above are perfectly happy with the size of their Adam’s Apple. But sadly, that’s not the case for everyone, like, for example the late artist Norman Rockwell. And others, who consider theirs to be seriously oversized, might even contemplate chondrolaryngoplasty as a solution. See an example paper in the Indian Journal […]

The Puzzling Case of the Presurgical Spray Tan

Yet another mystery presented itself to the medical profession, and yielded to the detective powers thereof. Details are in the study: “Discourage the presurgical spray tan  — Physicians were puzzled by the patient’s postoperative skin damage,” Miriam S. Krause, Henry Bohler, Steven T. Nakajima, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, epub April 2, 2013. The […]