A Brief History of Fridge Magnets [video]

The Tripe Marketing Board presents A Brief History of Fridge Magnets: BONUS: The history continues past that point, of course. Part of it is documented in this study: “Design, manufacture, and test of an adiabatic demagnetization Refrigerator Magnet for use in space,” Steve Milward, Stephen Harrison, Robin Stafford Allen, Ian D. Hepburn, Christine Brockley-Blatt [pictured […]

Pasta’s place in the history of superconductivity

Physics now owes a debt to pasta in research about superconductivity. This study explains: “Designed 3D architectures of high-temperature superconductors,” David C. Green,  Martin R. Lees and Simon R. Hall, Chemical Communications, epub January 31, 2013, with some supplementary data. (Thanks to investigator Pascal Dominez for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at Bristol […]