Andy’s Further International Slime Mold Adventures

Andy Adamatzky, some of whose activities we have chronicled*, has issued three new slime mold action-adventure reports: “Schlauschleimer in Reichsautobahnen: Slime mould imitates motorway network in Germany,” Andrew Adamatzky, Theresa Schubert, arXiv:1209.3474, September 16, 2012. “The World’s Colonisation and Trade Routes Formation as Imitated by Slime Mould,” Andrew Adamatzky, arXiv:1209.3958 , September 18, 2012. “Route […]

Are motorways rational from slime mould’s point of view?

Andy Adamatzky, an innovative writer of scientific reports [see our report about one of his earlier works], has joined with collaborators from many nations to do a new report about the apparently intelligent behavior of slime molds. He has published several papers that derive from the (double!) Ig Nobel Prize winning research of  Toshiyuki Nakagaki and […]