Why don’t ice skaters get swollen hands? An hypothesis

If you were to take part in a prolonged inline roller-skate street journey involving the rhythmic swaying and waving of your outstretched arms in a circular arc, you might end up suffering from oedema (a.k.a. edema). As did Doctor Sody Naimer [pictured] of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Neve Dekalim, Goosh Katif, and Ben-Gurion University […]

The Coriolis effect, trouser leg preference, and human rotation

Theoretical and practical investigations have shown that the ‘Coriolis effect’ (see video above) can substantially influence physical systems such as the trajectory of cannon balls and the rotation of meteorological phenomena. But very little research has addressed the issue of whether it might also affect human behaviour. For example, might the Coriolis effect affect which […]