Carpi’s Voice Rectifier

A beautiful or not-so-beautiful voice can be made more beautiful by sticking Carpi’s voice rectifier in one’s mouth, perhaps. The well-more-than-century-old device is enshrined in a patent: “Voice Rectifier,” US patent 527235, granted to Vittorio Carpi, 1894. Carpi explains: Be it known that I, VITTORIO CARPI, of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State […]

The spectra in the ring in the voice of the child solo singers

Some scientific papers seem meant—because of their topic—to be sung aloud, if only the wording were adjusted to make them easier to sing. Here’s one such study: “‘Ring’ in the Solo Child Singing Voice,” David M. Howard, Jenevora Williams [pictured here], Christian T. Herbst, Journal of Voice, epub November 11, 2013. The authors, at the […]

When singers raise eyebrows (and how that’s interpreted)

When singers sing high notes, their eyebrows go higher than when they sing low notes. While that may not be an absolute physiological rule, a team of Danish and American researchers discovered that it happens pretty consistently. They lay out the evidence, and explain what it may mean, in a study called Facial Expression and Vocal […]