The Shoelace Catastrophe, examined today at Cornell

Cornell University is hosting a talk today about the how-do-shoelaces-come-untied problem— specifically about the math and physics of it: MAE Colloquium: “The Shoelace Catastrophe (or a Knotty Problem on a Shoestring“) Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 4:00pm, B11 Kimball Hall ABSTRACT: The accidental untying of a shoelace while walking often occurs without warning. Modeling and […]

Shoelaces — the trials of cooperatively tying them with other people

Primary instructor Michael J. Crites and professor Jamie C. Gorman of the Human Factors Psychology dept. at Texas Tech University Lubbock, US, have investigated (experimentally) some of the difficulties of shoelace tying – with two hands, one hand, and with someone else’s hand. See: Learning to Tie Well with Others : Bimanual vs. Intermanual Coordination […]