Difficult to Recognize: Insights about Recognizing Masked Faces

Some people might find it difficult to recognize the insights in this new study about whether people find it more difficult to recognize faces that are obscured by masks: “The COVID-19 pandemic masks the way people perceive faces,” Erez Freud, Andreja Stajduhar, R. Shayna Rosenbaum, Galia Avidan, and Tzvi Ganel, Scientific Reports, vol. 10, no. […]

Chimps Recognize Butts That Are Upside-Down, Too

A new study builds on prize-winning do-chimps-recognize-buttocks research, adding an upside-down appraisal: “Getting to the Bottom of Face Processing. Species-Specific Inversion Effects for Faces and Behinds in Humans and Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes),” Mariska E. Kret and Masaki Tomonaga, PLOS ONE, November 30, 2016. The authors, at Leiden University, the Netherlands, and Kyoto University, Japan, build […]