Puzzle-Puddle-Pickle Problem / Duke York

This is Part 2 in our Problems with Non-Chinese Pickles series, a companion to our Problems with Chinese Pickles series (which, through a baffling scheduling re-arrangement, will appear here at a distant point in the future). A study from Indiana University picks at a pronounced pickle of a puzzle: “The Puzzle-Puddle-Pickle Problem and the Duke-of-York […]

Puzzle: Hoped to Learn What? Teens & Music

Today’s Puzzle of the Day concerns a newly published study. The question is: What, if anything, did the researchers hope to learn by doing this research? The study is: “Using Ecological Momentary Assessment to Determine Media Use by Individuals With and Without Major Depressive Disorder,” Brian A. Primack, MD, EdM, MS [pictured here], et al., […]