Wince, he wrote

Of all the editorial board members of the Annals of Improbable Research, one stands above and below all others in his devotion to puns. Lou Lippman [pictured below] has now written a book distilling much of that devotion and love into readable form. The book is called Wince: A Pun on Thyme: Scientifically Crafted Tales. Professor […]

The Zwickys – looking at words

Arnold M. Zwicky is Consulting Professor of Linguistics, Stanford University, and Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, Ohio State University. The professor investigates “the interrelationships of syntax, morphology, and phonology, focusing especially on apparent counterexamples to the Principle of Phonology-Free Syntax and the Principle of Morphology-Free Syntax, as well as phenomena (like clitics) that appear […]