The promiscuous use of promiscuous in zoology papers

Watch your language about promiscuity, suggest Elgar, Jones and McNamara — and watch out for other people’s language. Their study explains: “Promiscuous Words,” Mark A Elgar [pictured here , above left], Therésa M Jones [pictured here below, right] and Kathryn B McNamara, Frontiers in Zoology, 2013, 10:66. (Thanks to Ed Yong for bringing this to our […]

Promiscuity, Paternity and Personality in the Great Tit

A new study further feeds humanity’s insatiable hunger for news about the birds called great tits: “Promiscuity, Paternity and Personality in the Great Tit,” Samantha C. Patrick, Joanne R. Chapman, Hannah L. Dugdale, John L. Quinn and Ben C. Sheldon, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, vol. 279, 2012, pp. 1724-1730.  The authors, at the […]