Ultrasound Probe Grip: The Afternoon Tea Technique

British tea traditions continue to affect the way medicine is taught and practiced. A new study pours out details. “Ultrasound Probe Grip: The Afternoon Tea Technique,” Luke McMenamin, Stephen Wolstenhulme, Max Hunt, Stuart Nuttall, and Asoka Weerasinghe, Journal of the Intensive Care Society, vol. 18, no. 3, 2017, pp. 258-260. The authors, at medical institutions […]

For fans of randomization: Effect of Vaginal Electrical Stimulation

If you find randomization to be stimulating, we suggest you read this study: “Effect of Vaginal Electrical Stimulation on Female Sexual Functions: A Randomized Study,” Serdar Aydın, Çağrı Arıoğlu Aydın, Gonca Batmaz and Ramazan Dansuk, The Journal of Sexual Medicine, epub December 3, 2014. The authors, at Bezmialem Vakif University and at Liv Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, […]

People Want to Probe Uranus

Lots of people like to say they want to probe Uranus. Earthlings’ desires about that planet, and headline writers’ desires to write “probe Uranus” headlines, are again in the news. National Geographic‘s Breaking Orbit blog reports that “Europe Wants to Probe Uranus“: The Christian Science Monitor reports that “Scientists plan mission to probe Uranus“: (Thanks […]