Neurosurgeon/poet slices up Dali

Dr. Michael Salcman [click on the image here to see him read his poem “Envy”], a neurosurgeon and published poet (his work has been reviewed in the journal Rattle and in Wikipedia) in Baltimore, Maryland, performed surgery on artist Salvador Dali, at least in print: “Raphaelesque Head Exploding, Salvador Dali,” Michael Salcman, Neurosurgery, Volume 38(1), […]

Overlooked McGonagall poems found!

There’s news about the bad poet William Topaz McGonagall. It’s of absolutely no importance, but of great and goofy enjoyment to many in the English-speaking world. Several poems that have never been published in any book will soon be recited in public [on March 19, at our show at the University of Dundee] for the […]