The Presence of P’s in an Eating Disorder Study

P’s place prominently in the title of this study on in an eating disorders: “Persistence, Perseveration and Perfectionism in the Eating Disorders,” Glenn Waller, Tonya Shaw, Caroline Meyer, Michelle Haslam, Rachel Lawson and Lucy Serpell, Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, epub 2012. The authors, at King’s College London, UK, at Karen Surgery, Nairobi, Kenya, at Loughborough University, […]

Shooting/Shocking Peas re Panspermia

There are ‘pea shooters’  and there are ‘PEA SHOOTERS’. A research team from The Dynamic Response Group of Cranfield University, UK (motto: ‘Out of darkness, light’), have employed one of their helium gas-guns to create what could well be the most powerful pea-shooter ever assembled. The device was able to shoot a projectile towards a […]