President Lukashenko builds on his Ig Nobel legacy

Charter 97 reports today (October 7, 2013) that 2013 Ig Nobel Peace Prize winner Alexander Lukashenko is continuing his Ig Nobel Prize-winning ways: Schoolchildren prohibited from clapping during end-of-harvest festival in Zhlobin Schoolchildren had been prohibited from clapping during a parade held in Zhlobin on Friday afternoon within the framework of an annual national end-of-harvest […]

Ukraine parliament mimics Ig winner

News reports, including this video, show Ukraine’s parliament members punching, beating, and otherwise assaulting each other. This mimics the behavior pioneered by Taiwan’s Parliament, which earned the 1995 Ig Nobel Peace Prize (“for demonstrating that politicians gain more by punching, kicking and gouging each other than by waging war against other nations”). The Ukrainian effort […]