The physics of the wet dog shake

Behold the basic physics of the wet dog shake, as explored by Andrew Dickerson, Grant Mills, Jay Bauman, Young-Hui Chang, David Hu of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Their (skimpy, introductory) paper is available on arxiv — it’s really an introduction to this entrancing video (also available in a higher-res version): (Thanks to Joseph Amaslab […]

Human Oscillation Savored & Explained

Everyone oscillates, one way and another. We vibrate, we hum, we bounce. We have our ups and downs. Some of this oscillation attracts the attention of a researcher named Tainsh. In 1972, Michael A Tainsh published a monograph called Oscillation of Human Performance as a Personality Measure, in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills. Tainsh […]