Ig Nobel Services Provided This Year to Security Agencies

As co-producer of the annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, I know that we have more than one audience — one in the seats of Harvard’s historic Sanders Theatre, and one watching our live broadcasts online from around the world. In the spirit of experimentation, and perhaps even of constant improvement, the 2013 Ig Nobel Prize […]

Announcing: a courtesy for intelligence agencies the world over

We are pleased to introduce @IG_NSA — a Twitter feed supplying background info and secrets of the Ig Nobel Prizes. @IG_NSA is intended as a courtesy for intelligence agencies the world over. It is meant to express the good wishes of the Boston/Cambridge area technology/science/medical community. AND COMING SOON… We will also soon announce [watch this space and/or follow the Twitter […]

Ig Nobel filmmaker tries to retrieve deleted email

Bahram Sadeghi documented his recent attempt to recover a deleted email message. Sadeghi telephoned the NSA (America’s National Security Agency). The NSA is known to record and store much of the world’s email traffic. He asked: “I understand you keep track of lots of e-mails and internet data, can you help me? The conversation continued from there: […]