“Fake dog testicles made this man a millionaire”

Ig Nobel Prize winner Gregg A. Miller and his doggone—well, dogpartiallygone—invention, Neuticles, are profiled by CNBC, with the headline “Fake dog testicles made this man a millionaire“: The 2005 Ig Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to Gregg A. Miller of Oak Grove, Missouri, for inventing Neuticles—artificial replacement testicles for dogs, available in three sizes, and three degrees […]

Neuticles news: more sizes

Neuticles—artificial replacement testicles for dogs—now come in nine (9) sizes, rather than the original three (small, medium, large). Inventor Greg Miller was awarded the 2005 Ig Nobel Medicine Prize for his invention. The new sizes are: NU-XXLarge 140-190 lbs+ 2.75″ $329 $449 NU-XLarge 110-140 lbs 2.20″ $319 $439 NU-Large 65-110 lbs 1.79″ $309 $429 NU-Medium […]