Keywords to Understanding Misunderstanding

Zeno Vendler chose, perhaps understandably, chose to write an article about understanding something. That article is: “Understanding Misunderstanding,” Zeno Vendler, Language, Mind, and Art, 1994, pp. 9-21. The publisher’s web site says, about it: Keywords: Black Hole, Moral Virtue, Wishful Thinking, Plain View, Indirect Question These keywords were added by machine and not by the […]

A song for the peoples of Britain, in their hour of dismay

This song, called “Harmonious Misunderstanding”, is the thrilling conclusion to “The Jargon Opera“. The mini-opera premiered as part of the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, at Harvard University. That first performance starred singers Margot Button, Jane Tankersley, and Michelle French, and pianist Greg Neil — accompanied gamely by Nobel Laureates Richard Roberts, William Lipscomb, and Dudley Herschbach, and David […]