First sunrise of new millennium

In the ten-years-on spirit of our looks back at AIRhead Project 2000, here’s a predictive research study: “An Assessment of Where People Will Witness the First Sunrise of the New Millennium,” Peter D. Lechtner, Philip A. Blain, Norris D. McWhirter, and Ingrid S. Kristament, Geographical Journal, vol. 163, no.3, July 1997, pp. 251-8.

Project 2000 — A fond look back

Ten years ago, people quivered as the year 2000 approached. Let’s look back, perhaps fondly, at Project AIRhead 2000. Announced in June 1994 (click here to see the announcement), the project celebrated every item, project or concept that had the number 2000 tacked onto its name in giddy anticipation of the coming millennium. Between today […]