Comparative ‘iffiness’ of medical research articles

If one could know for sure how iffy things are for English-speaking doctors compared to how iffy things are for French-speaking doctors, one might reach the same conclusions as are reached in this study: “The ‘iffiness’ of medical research articles —A comparison of English if and French si,” Shirley Carter-Thomas [pictured here], in Language and […]

And no more with the hearty handshakes, they suggest

While some researchers urge the public, especially children, to come in more contact with common dirt — and thus presumably boost their immune systems by exercising them against a wide range of threatening thisandthat — other researchers point adults towards the opposite direction. At present, it seems unlikely that these two research camps will soon join hands. […]

Ballet Dancers doing splits in an MRI scanner [hip study]

Quite a number of professional ballet dancers suffer from medical conditions brought about by their requirement to perform very extreme leg movements. To accurately evaluate such problems physicians would, ideally, like to be able to carry out MRI scans of ballet dancers whilst performing the splits. [that’s the dancers, not the physicians] And, impractical as […]

Spanish Medical Folklore: Inducing Milk

A 1910 British medical article about Spanish medical folklore includes some stories about how to induce milk: “Spanish Medical Folklore,” British Medical Journal, October 15, 1910, p. 1168. The unsigned article explains that its information comes from “two articles on Spanish superstitions, by Dr. Martin arrera y Dellunder, which appeared in the Gaceta Medica Catalana of […]

Unscrew You, Spontaneously [a medical report]

When one has a screw loose, there can be medical implications. This study documents one such: “Spontaneous expulsion of a screw: An unusual complication 3 years after internal fixation of posterior acetabular wall fracture,” Francisco Chana-Rodríguez,  José Matías Tabernero Fernández, Manuel Villanueva-Martínez, José Rojo-Manaute, Javier Vaquero-Martín, Injury Extra, vol. 43, no. 9, September 2012, Pages […]