Conscientiousness with Fellatio as a Mate-Retention Activity

Conscientiousness and aggreeableness are key to whether women are able to keep up a relationship with a mate, if fellatio is involved, suggests this new study: “Women’s mate retention behaviors, personality traits, and fellatio,” Yael Sela [pictured here, above], Todd K. Shackelford [pictured here, below], Michael N. Pham, Virgil Zeigler-Hill, Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 85, […]

Hungry people prefer maturer mates?

Professor Terry F. Pettijohn II from the Coastal Carolina University, along with colleagues from Miami University and West Virginia University recently decided to investigate whether people’s preferences for a mate might vary according to whether they feel hungry or not. For, according to the Environmental Security Hypothesis (ESH) individuals’ interpersonal preferences may partially depend on […]