Stirring the Porridge with Albert E. [investigation]

Can that act of stirring porridge provide insights into the puzzle of light’s quantum wave/particle duality? Photographer / author David Gepp (pron. ‘jep’) explains how – citing : 1) An encounter with Professor Jacques Mandelbrojt (cousin of Benoit Mandelbrot, of fractals fame) 2) Various contemplations of Albert Einstein’s gedankenexperiments (thought experiments) 3) The experience of […]

A classic 24/7 Lecture: Benoit Mandelbrot — FRACTALS

Benoit Mandelbrot delivered one of the very early 24/7 Lectures. A 24/7 Lecture is a lecture in two parts: first a complete technical description in 24 seconds, second a simple description anyone can understand in 7 words. At the 2006 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, Professor Mandelbrot, who invented the concept of fractals, here spoke on the topic: FRACTALS. […]