Happy Workers (and Slough, too)

Perhaps prompted by the extensive academic investigations into the prevalence of ennui amongst Chinese librarians, (see: Improbable Research 2012/02/06/) authors XIANG Yi-wen,WANG Hai-ying of the School of Economics and Management,Shenyang University of Science and Technology,Shenyang China draw attention to the Organizational Elements of the Happy Work “In modern society, competition is more and more intensive […]

Ennui Amongst Chinese Librarians

It has been observed that librarians – specifically Chinese university librarians – can sometimes suffer from Ennui (a.k.a. boredom). Here is a partial compendium of the academic literature on the subject (2005 – 2008) • On the Occurrence and Elimination of University Librarian’s Professional Ennui (2005) • On the Causes and Countermeasure of the Career […]